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Calendar Week

Third Sunday of the Resurrection
8th May 2022


“Saint Joseph. One cannot love Jesus and Mary without loving the Holy Patriarch.”

- St. Josemaria Escriva

Parish Priest Message

Hi everyone, I hope that you have been well!

On this fourth Sunday of the Resurrection and this second Sunday in May we celebrate with joy, our mother’s, the most beautiful gift that the Lord has given each one of us. This month is so special because it is dedicated to the blessed Virgin Mary and today because it is dedicated to our own mother’s.

In this week’s Gospel, we continue to encounter our risen Lord with seven of his disciples on Lake Tiberius when they went back to fishing and could not get a catch. With the following words from our Lord: “Cast your net to the right side and you will find some;” then all of a sudden, one change, one catch, and bang, 153 large fish! And the net did not break.

So how does all this relate to Mother’s Day and our mums. One thing that really intrigues me every time that I read this Gospel is the net. The net that captured and held 153 large fish and did not break. Our mother’s my dearest brothers and sisters are like that net, they hold on to us, they keep us together and they draw us safely into the harbour of salvation without breaking. No matter how heavy the load is, no matter how much pressure we put on them, they continue to carry us.

Today, we honour each and every one of you and we thank you for being the net that holds everything together. Thank you for you’re the sacrifices that you make each and every day, thank you for the tears that you shed each and every day, thank for the prayers that you pray each and every day. Thank you for the love that you love us, an unconditional love, an authentic love, a love that does not ask for anything in return. On behalf of my brother priests and subdeacons, we wish you all a blessed Mother’s Day.

On a parish note, the College of Consultors and the Diocesan Financial Council approved the purchase of 2 Alexandra Ave. This is the remaining property which sits between the Child Care Centre and 4 Alexandra Ave, which the parish owns. This squares off our land and after approval from Bishop Tarabay, the Stewardship Committee have begun putting plans together to build a Community and Youth Centre. The property was purchased for $2,350,000. We are currently finalising the financing of this amount and are trying to raise the deposit. If you are able to help the parish with this, please contact myself or the parish office. We look forward to bringing to life the dream of more space for our Youth and Community so that we can provide more spiritual and social services to our parishioners. Let us continue to work together to make this dream a reality.

- Abouna Danny


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